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Race Results for Spring Triathlon 2009 concerning t1

Profile of Race or Leg
Event Name Spring Triathlon 2009
Race Name t1
Event Location Auke Lake
Event Description swim,bike,run
Event Director John Bursell
Relay / Team Event? yes
Event Date 2009-08-09 09:00:00
Race Distance0.00 km or
0.00 miles
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Global Results

# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Jamie BursellJuneau,AKF00:01:53N/A per mileJamie Bursell
2Jennifer WatsonJuneau,AKF00:01:59N/A per mileJennifer Watson
3Melanie WhiteJuneau,AKF00:02:01N/A per mileMelanie White
4Kim RiveraJuneau,AKF00:02:06N/A per mileKim Rivera
5Kristin JonesJuneau,AKF00:02:17N/A per mileKristin Jones
6Jason DolbeckJuneau,AKM00:02:18N/A per mileJason Dolbeck
7Katie BuschJuneau,AKF00:02:28N/A per mileKatie Busch
8Eamon ConheadyJuneau,AKM00:02:31N/A per mileEamon Conheady
9Cathy TideJuneau,AKF00:02:36N/A per mileCathy Tide
10Lee CoyleJuneau,AKM00:02:45N/A per mileLee Coyle
10 (TIE!) Melissa BogertJuneau,AKF00:02:45N/A per mileMelissa Bogert
12Daniel StoopsJuneau,AKM00:02:48N/A per mileDaniel Stoops
13Jordan MoserJuneau,AKF00:02:49N/A per mileJordan Moser
14Kaj Loken-KimJuneau,AKM00:02:53N/A per mileKaj Loken-Kim
14 (TIE!) Michele KaneJuneau,AKF00:02:53N/A per mileMichele Kane
14 (TIE!) Tara JeansJuneau,AKF00:02:53N/A per mileTara Jeans
17Reed StoopsJuneau,AKM00:02:55N/A per mileReed Stoops
18Randy HostJuneau,AKM00:02:57N/A per mileRandy Host
19Amanda ComptonJuneau,AKF00:03:04N/A per mileAmanda Compton
19 (TIE!) Josh AndersonJuneau,AKM00:03:04N/A per mileJosh Anderson
21Daniel StrongJuneau,AKM00:03:07N/A per mileDaniel Strong
22Amy CarrollJuneau,AKF00:03:09N/A per mileAmy Carroll
23Houston LawsJuneau,AKM00:03:10N/A per mileHouston Laws
24Sandra WoodsJuneau,AKF00:03:13N/A per mileSandra Woods
25Kevin SellersDouglas,AKM00:03:14N/A per mileKevin Sellers
26Juston HelfJuneau,AKM00:03:15N/A per mileJuston Helf
27Mattie Rielly-BixbyJuneau,AKF00:03:18N/A per mileMattie Rielly-Bixby
28Scott MayJuneau,AKM00:03:23N/A per mileScott May
29Eliza LendeJuneau,AKF00:03:25N/A per mileEliza Lende
30Rick JanikJuneau,AKM00:03:27N/A per mileRick Janik
31Jill AndersonJuneau,AKF00:03:32N/A per mileJill Anderson
32Alex HildebrandJuneau,AKM00:03:36N/A per mileAlex Hildebrand
33Justin DornJuneau,AKM00:03:41N/A per mileJustin Dorn
33 (TIE!) Weather PotdevinJuneau,AKF00:03:41N/A per mileWeather Potdevin
35Ben Van AlenJuneau,AKM00:03:42N/A per mileBen Van Alen
36Jordan SandersJuneau,AKM00:03:43N/A per mileJordan Sanders
37Chris KnightJuneau,AKM00:03:50N/A per mileChris Knight
38Antonio DiazJuneau,AKM00:03:52N/A per mileAntonio Diaz
39Bob KoenitzerJuneau,AKM00:03:57N/A per mileBob Koenitzer
40Ann BoocheverJuneau,AKF00:04:18N/A per mileAnn Boochever
41George PoorJuneau,AKM00:04:26N/A per mileGeorge Poor
42Megan AhlemanJuneau,AKF00:04:31N/A per mileMegan Ahleman
43Cate BuleyJuneau,AKF00:04:41N/A per mileCate Buley
44Kristen SchultzJuneau,AKF00:04:46N/A per mileKristen Schultz
45Deana DarnellJuneau,AKF00:04:52N/A per mileDeana Darnell
46Colleen SullivanJuneau,AKF00:05:00N/A per mileColleen Sullivan
47Linda MancusoJuneau,AKF00:05:02N/A per mileLinda Mancuso
48Kevin DuganJuneau,AKM00:05:05N/A per mileKevin Dugan
49Blake RiderJuneau,AKM00:05:11N/A per mileBlake Rider
50Carol MaharaJuneau,AKF00:05:14N/A per mileCarol Mahara
51Pete SchneiderJuneau,AKM00:05:16N/A per milePete Schneider
52Emily KaneJuneau,AKF00:05:27N/A per mileEmily Kane
53Elisabeth JonesJuneau,AKF00:05:30N/A per mileElisabeth Jones
54Justine BishopJuneau,AKF00:05:34N/A per mileJustine Bishop
55Craig FarringtonJuneau,AKM00:05:59N/A per mileCraig Farrington
56Timothy MerrimanJuneau,AKM00:06:02N/A per mileTimothy Merriman
57Jeannette Lacey-DunnJuneau,AKF00:06:13N/A per mileJeannette Lacey-Dunn
58Matt HeavnerJuneau,AKM00:06:32N/A per mileMatt Heavner
59Betty StidolphJuneau,AKF00:07:58N/A per mileBetty Stidolph
60Estrella MarinJuneau,AKF00:09:01N/A per mileEstrella Marin
61Swarupa TothanatorJuneau,AKF00:09:08N/A per mileSwarupa Tothanator
62Thomas AlbertJuneau,AKM00:09:19N/A per mileThomas Albert
63Ann RauschJuneau,AKF00:09:20N/A per mileAnn Rausch
?Zach BursellJuneau,AKMDNF or N/AN/A minutes per mileZachary Bursell
?Evan ThibodeauJuneau,AKMDNF or N/AN/A minutes per mileEvan Thibodeau
?John SleppyJuneau,AKMDNF or N/AN/A minutes per mileJohn Sleppy

Male Results

# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Jason DolbeckJuneau,AKM00:02:18DNF or results N/A per mileJason Dolbeck
2Eamon ConheadyJuneau,AKM00:02:31DNF or results N/A per mileEamon Conheady
3Lee CoyleJuneau,AKM00:02:45DNF or results N/A per mileLee Coyle
4Daniel StoopsJuneau,AKM00:02:48DNF or results N/A per mileDaniel Stoops
5Kaj Loken-KimJuneau,AKM00:02:53DNF or results N/A per mileKaj Loken-Kim
6Reed StoopsJuneau,AKM00:02:55DNF or results N/A per mileReed Stoops
7Randy HostJuneau,AKM00:02:57DNF or results N/A per mileRandy Host
8Josh AndersonJuneau,AKM00:03:04DNF or results N/A per mileJosh Anderson
9Daniel StrongJuneau,AKM00:03:07DNF or results N/A per mileDaniel Strong
10Houston LawsJuneau,AKM00:03:10DNF or results N/A per mileHouston Laws
11Kevin SellersDouglas,AKM00:03:14DNF or results N/A per mileKevin Sellers
12Juston HelfJuneau,AKM00:03:15DNF or results N/A per mileJuston Helf
13Scott MayJuneau,AKM00:03:23DNF or results N/A per mileScott May
14Rick JanikJuneau,AKM00:03:27DNF or results N/A per mileRick Janik
15Alex HildebrandJuneau,AKM00:03:36DNF or results N/A per mileAlex Hildebrand
16Justin DornJuneau,AKM00:03:41DNF or results N/A per mileJustin Dorn
17Ben Van AlenJuneau,AKM00:03:42DNF or results N/A per mileBen Van Alen
18Jordan SandersJuneau,AKM00:03:43DNF or results N/A per mileJordan Sanders
19Chris KnightJuneau,AKM00:03:50DNF or results N/A per mileChris Knight
20Antonio DiazJuneau,AKM00:03:52DNF or results N/A per mileAntonio Diaz
21Bob KoenitzerJuneau,AKM00:03:57DNF or results N/A per mileBob Koenitzer
22George PoorJuneau,AKM00:04:26DNF or results N/A per mileGeorge Poor
23Kevin DuganJuneau,AKM00:05:05DNF or results N/A per mileKevin Dugan
24Blake RiderJuneau,AKM00:05:11DNF or results N/A per mileBlake Rider
25Pete SchneiderJuneau,AKM00:05:16DNF or results N/A per milePete Schneider
26Craig FarringtonJuneau,AKM00:05:59DNF or results N/A per mileCraig Farrington
27Timothy MerrimanJuneau,AKM00:06:02DNF or results N/A per mileTimothy Merriman
28Matt HeavnerJuneau,AKM00:06:32DNF or results N/A per mileMatt Heavner
29Thomas AlbertJuneau,AKM00:09:19DNF or results N/A per mileThomas Albert
?Zach BursellJuneau,AKMDNF or N/AN/A minutes per mileZachary Bursell
?Evan ThibodeauJuneau,AKMDNF or N/AN/A minutes per mileEvan Thibodeau
?John SleppyJuneau,AKMDNF or N/AN/A minutes per mileJohn Sleppy


# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Jamie BursellJuneau,AKF00:01:53DNR or resultsN/A per mileJamie Bursell
2Jennifer WatsonJuneau,AKF00:01:59DNR or resultsN/A per mileJennifer Watson
3Melanie WhiteJuneau,AKF00:02:01DNR or resultsN/A per mileMelanie White
4Kim RiveraJuneau,AKF00:02:06DNR or resultsN/A per mileKim Rivera
5Kristin JonesJuneau,AKF00:02:17DNR or resultsN/A per mileKristin Jones
6Katie BuschJuneau,AKF00:02:28DNR or resultsN/A per mileKatie Busch
7Cathy TideJuneau,AKF00:02:36DNR or resultsN/A per mileCathy Tide
8Melissa BogertJuneau,AKF00:02:45DNR or resultsN/A per mileMelissa Bogert
9Jordan MoserJuneau,AKF00:02:49DNR or resultsN/A per mileJordan Moser
10Michele KaneJuneau,AKF00:02:53DNR or resultsN/A per mileMichele Kane
10 (TIE!) Tara JeansJuneau,AKF00:02:53DNR or resultsN/A per mileTara Jeans
12Amanda ComptonJuneau,AKF00:03:04DNR or resultsN/A per mileAmanda Compton
13Amy CarrollJuneau,AKF00:03:09DNR or resultsN/A per mileAmy Carroll
14Sandra WoodsJuneau,AKF00:03:13DNR or resultsN/A per mileSandra Woods
15Mattie Rielly-BixbyJuneau,AKF00:03:18DNR or resultsN/A per mileMattie Rielly-Bixby
16Eliza LendeJuneau,AKF00:03:25DNR or resultsN/A per mileEliza Lende
17Jill AndersonJuneau,AKF00:03:32DNR or resultsN/A per mileJill Anderson
18Weather PotdevinJuneau,AKF00:03:41DNR or resultsN/A per mileWeather Potdevin
19Ann BoocheverJuneau,AKF00:04:18DNR or resultsN/A per mileAnn Boochever
20Megan AhlemanJuneau,AKF00:04:31DNR or resultsN/A per mileMegan Ahleman
21Cate BuleyJuneau,AKF00:04:41DNR or resultsN/A per mileCate Buley
22Kristen SchultzJuneau,AKF00:04:46DNR or resultsN/A per mileKristen Schultz
23Deana DarnellJuneau,AKF00:04:52DNR or resultsN/A per mileDeana Darnell
24Colleen SullivanJuneau,AKF00:05:00DNR or resultsN/A per mileColleen Sullivan
25Linda MancusoJuneau,AKF00:05:02DNR or resultsN/A per mileLinda Mancuso
26Carol MaharaJuneau,AKF00:05:14DNR or resultsN/A per mileCarol Mahara
27Emily KaneJuneau,AKF00:05:27DNR or resultsN/A per mileEmily Kane
28Elisabeth JonesJuneau,AKF00:05:30DNR or resultsN/A per mileElisabeth Jones
29Justine BishopJuneau,AKF00:05:34DNR or resultsN/A per mileJustine Bishop
30Jeannette Lacey-DunnJuneau,AKF00:06:13DNR or resultsN/A per mileJeannette Lacey-Dunn
31Betty StidolphJuneau,AKF00:07:58DNR or resultsN/A per mileBetty Stidolph
32Estrella MarinJuneau,AKF00:09:01DNR or resultsN/A per mileEstrella Marin
33Swarupa TothanatorJuneau,AKF00:09:08DNR or resultsN/A per mileSwarupa Tothanator
34Ann RauschJuneau,AKF00:09:20DNR or resultsN/A per mileAnn Rausch

Event Relay Team Results Here

#Team NameTot. Time# of Runners Tot. Distance
1 Jason Dolbeck 1:07:12 5 24.75 km
2 Scott May 1:13:55 5 24.75 km
3 Daniel Stoops 1:14:12 5 24.75 km
4 Houston Laws 1:14:22 5 24.75 km
5 Jordan Moser 1:15:45 5 24.75 km
6 Melissa Bogert 1:16:34 5 24.75 km
7 Jamie Bursell 1:16:41 5 24.75 km
8 Kevin Sellers 1:17:13 5 24.75 km
9 Kristin Jones 1:17:24 5 24.75 km
10 Reed Stoops 1:18:21 5 24.75 km
11 Randy Host 1:18:28 5 24.75 km
12 Amanda Compton 1:19:12 5 24.75 km
13 Eamon Conheady 1:19:16 5 24.75 km
14 Chris Knight 1:19:45 5 24.75 km
15 Amy Carroll 1:20:08 5 24.75 km
16 Tara Jeans 1:20:54 5 24.75 km
17 Jordan Sanders 1:20:54 5 24.75 km
18 Kaj Loken-Kim 1:21:19 5 24.75 km
19 Jennifer Watson 1:22:20 5 24.75 km
20 Daniel Strong 1:22:40 5 24.75 km
21 Kim Rivera 1:23:32 5 24.75 km
22 Alex Hildebrand 1:23:41 5 24.75 km
23 Bob Koenitzer 1:24:54 5 24.75 km
24 Josh Anderson 1:25:19 5 24.75 km
25 George Poor 1:25:19 5 24.75 km
26 Justin Dorn 1:26:03 5 24.75 km
27 Eliza Lende 1:26:23 5 24.75 km
28 Megan Ahleman 1:27:48 5 24.75 km
29 Ben Van Alen 1:27:57 5 24.75 km
30 Cathy Tide 1:28:18 5 24.75 km
31 Rick Janik 1:28:18 5 24.75 km
32 Ann Boochever 1:30:26 5 24.75 km
33 Pete Schneider 1:30:35 5 24.75 km
34 Sandra Woods 1:33:09 5 24.75 km
35 Katie Busch 1:35:21 5 24.75 km
36 Jill Anderson 1:35:22 5 24.75 km
37 Antonio Diaz 1:35:48 5 24.75 km
38 Kevin Dugan 1:36:30 5 24.75 km
39 Craig Farrington 1:37:00 5 24.75 km
40 Michele Kane 1:37:06 5 24.75 km
41 Blake Rider 1:39:51 5 24.75 km
42 Emily Kane 1:39:52 5 24.75 km
43 Linda Mancuso 1:40:20 5 24.75 km
44 Matt Heavner 1:41:08 5 24.75 km
45 Deana Darnell 1:41:56 5 24.75 km
46 Weather Potdevin 1:42:26 5 24.75 km
47 Timothy Merriman 1:42:41 5 24.75 km
48 Mattie Rielly-Bixby 1:43:20 5 24.75 km
49 Carol Mahara 1:44:57 5 24.75 km
50 Kristen Schultz 1:45:19 5 24.75 km
51 Cate Buley 1:48:33 5 24.75 km
52 Colleen Sullivan 1:49:05 5 24.75 km
53 Juston Helf 1:49:10 5 24.75 km
54 Jeannette Lacey-Dunn 1:55:15 5 24.75 km
55 Elisabeth Jones 1:57:03 5 24.75 km
56 Lee Coyle 1:58:03 5 24.75 km
57 Justine Bishop 1:58:48 5 24.75 km
58 Swarupa Tothanator 2:06:56 5 24.75 km
59 Betty Stidolph 2:12:17 5 24.75 km
60 Estrella Marin 2:45:23 5 24.75 km
61 Thomas Albert 2:45:25 5 24.75 km
62 Zachary Bursell :00:00 4 19.75 km
63 Evan Thibodeau :00:00 4 19.75 km
64 John Sleppy :00:00 4 19.75 km
65 Melanie White :52:51 3 19.75 km
66 Ann Rausch 1:44:23 3 19.75 km