JTRR (Juneau Trail and Road Runners) 1 for the Money Team page

These are the results of the illustrious team 1 for the Money when they competed in Seacoast Relay in 2008
Event NameEvent DateTeam NameLegs CompletedTotal Distance RanTotal TimeAverage Pace
Seacoast Relay2008-05-24 09:00:001 for the Money522.43 miles3 hours 22 minutes 18 seconds9 minutes 1 seconds per mile
Members of Team
Leg or Race Name Name Hailing From Distance Time Pace
Leg 1Darcy SchauweckerJuneau,AK US3.6 miles00:31:55.008 minutes 51 seconds per mile
Leg 2Jean MasonJuneau,AK US3.43 miles00:32:42.009 minutes 32 seconds per mile
Leg 3Carol JohnsonJuneau,AK US4.4 miles00:35:32.008 minutes 4 seconds per mile
Leg 4Maren HaavigJuneau,AK US5.5 miles00:52:51.009 minutes 36 seconds per mile
Leg 5Shelly SaviersJuneau,AK US5.5 miles00:49:18.008 minutes 57 seconds per mile

all events team 1 for the Money have been spotted in

Event Name Event Date Team Name
Seacoast Relay2009-05-23 09:00:001 for the money
Seacoast Relay2008-05-24 09:00:001 for the Money