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Race Results for Aukeman Triathlon 2015 concerning T1

Profile of Race or Leg
Event Name Aukeman Triathlon 2015
Race Name T1
Event Location Aukelake
Event Description This event starts in the waters of Auke Lake, an incredibly scenic spot surrounded by mountains. The swim course is a single well-marked loop. Participants emerge from the lake, run up to transition at the University of Alaska Southeast Campus, and are then off to the Mendenhall Glacier. The bike course is moderately flat, and out-and-back, with a climb back up to the transition area. The run takes participants back by the lake for a trail run in the rainforest. There is one aid station in the middle of the course, then runners return on the same course before running back up to the University of Alaska Southeast campus and crossing the finish line. 750 Meter Swim -19 Kilometer bike - 5 kilometer run. see http://aukeman.weebly.com/race-information.html
Event Director DefaultRaceDirector Unassigned
Relay / Team Event? yes
Event Date 2015-08-01 07:30:00
Race Distance0.00 km or
0.00 miles
Race Blurb
Top Performances

Global Results

# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Justin DornJuneau,AKM00:03:21N/A per mileJustin Dorn
2Jim UstasiewskiDouglas,AKM00:03:22N/A per mileJim Ustasiewski
3John BursellJuneau,AKM00:03:35N/A per mileJohn Bursell
4Ali ArthurJuneau,AKM00:03:42N/A per mileAli Arthur
5Susan YorkJuneau,AKF00:03:45N/A per mileSusan York
6Scott MayJuneau,AKM00:03:49N/A per mileScott May
7Aaron MorrisonJuneau,AKM00:03:52N/A per mileAaron Morrison
8April RezendesDouglas,AKF00:03:56N/A per mileApril Rezendes
8 (TIE!) Jamie BursellJuneau,AKF00:03:56N/A per mileJamie Bursell
10Scott WattsAuke Bay,AKM00:04:03N/A per mileScott Watts
11Daren BootonJuneau,AKM00:04:10N/A per mileDaren Booton
12Jeff TillinghastJuneau,AKM00:04:12N/A per mileJeff Tillinghast
13Jennifer WatsonJuneau,AKF00:04:15N/A per mileJennifer Watson
14Nathanael HowardJuneau,AKM00:04:16N/A per mileNathanael Howard
15Brian SmithJuneau,AKM00:04:20N/A per mileBrian Smith
16Dan RobinsonJuneau,AKM00:04:25N/A per mileDan Robinson
17Steve ParkerJuneau,AKM00:04:27N/A per mileSteve Parker
18Kevin HansenJuneau,AKM00:04:32N/A per mileKevin Hansen
19Weather PotdevinJuneau,AKF00:04:33N/A per mileWeather Potdevin
20Annie AlbrechtJuneau,AKF00:04:39N/A per mileAnnie Albrecht
21Tyra Smith-MackinnonJuneau,AKF00:04:40N/A per mileTyra Smith-MacKinnon
22Tracy MorrisonJuneau,AKF00:04:41N/A per mileTracy Morrison
23Melanie WhiteJuneau,AKF00:04:56N/A per mileMelanie White
24Brandee GerkeJuneau,AKF00:05:01N/A per mileBrandee Gerke
25Derec SteinmanJuneau,AKM00:05:03N/A per mileDerec Steinman
26Mark NeidholdJuneau,AKM00:05:09N/A per mileMark Neidhold
27Kim RiveraJuneau,AKF00:05:11N/A per mileKim Rivera
28David TallmonJuneau,AKM00:05:13N/A per mileDavid Tallmon
29Andrew BomanJuneau,AKM00:05:17N/A per mileAndrew Boman
30Scott GendeJuneau,AKM00:05:29N/A per mileScott Gende
31Bethany CumminsJuneau,AKF00:05:31N/A per mileBethany Cummins
32Branden CullumJuneau,AKM00:05:33N/A per mileBranden Cullum
32 (TIE!) Kara HollatzJuneau,AKF00:05:33N/A per mileKara Hollatz
34Rick SlaterJuneau,AKM00:05:41N/A per mileRick Slater
35Ryan StephensJuneau,AKM00:05:48N/A per mileRyan Stephens
36Jean ButlerJuneau,AKF00:05:51N/A per mileJean Butler
37Sarah LeibyJuneau,AKF00:05:52N/A per mileSarah Leiby
38Jim GrammelJuneau,AKM00:06:00N/A per mileJim Grammel
39Kristi Sell-GullufsenJuneau,AKF00:06:06N/A per mileKristi Sell-Gullufsen
40Jim CalvinJuneau,AKM00:06:07N/A per mileJim Calvin
41Lucrecia MervineJuneau,AKF00:06:09N/A per mileLucrecia Mervine
41 (TIE!) Sarah SjostedtJuneau,AKF00:06:09N/A per mileSarah Sjostedt
43David MitchellJuneau,AKM00:06:13N/A per mileDavid Mitchell
43 (TIE!) Naomi StaleyJuneau,AKF00:06:13N/A per mileNaomi Staley
45Susan BellJuneau,AKF00:06:16N/A per mileSusan Bell
46Susie ShuttsJuneau,AKF00:06:21N/A per mileSusie Shutts
47Lisa KramerJuneau,AKF00:06:27N/A per mileLisa Kramer
48Kathy KartchnerJuneau,AKF00:06:38N/A per mileKathy Kartchner
49Richard KoehrsenJuneau,AKM00:06:48N/A per mileRichard Koehrsen
50Stephanie KohlhaseJuneau,AKF00:06:49N/A per mileStephanie Kohlhase
51Robin GilcristJuneau,AKF00:07:02N/A per mileRobin Gilcrist
52Beverly LeveneJuneau,AKF00:07:07N/A per mileBeverly Levene
53Quinn ZahaskyJuneau,AKM00:07:10N/A per mileQuinn Zahasky
54Charlee GribbonJuneau,AKF00:07:24N/A per mileCharlee Gribbon
55Shutney FrisbieJuneau,AKF00:07:37N/A per mileShutney Frisbie
56Justine BishopJuneau,AKF00:07:39N/A per mileJustine Bishop
57Ingrid DyeJuneau,AKF00:08:18N/A per mileIngrid Dye
58Molly BriggsJuneau,AKF00:10:52N/A per mileMolly Briggs

Male Results

# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Justin DornJuneau,AKM00:03:21DNF or results N/A per mileJustin Dorn
2Jim UstasiewskiDouglas,AKM00:03:22DNF or results N/A per mileJim Ustasiewski
3John BursellJuneau,AKM00:03:35DNF or results N/A per mileJohn Bursell
4Ali ArthurJuneau,AKM00:03:42DNF or results N/A per mileAli Arthur
5Scott MayJuneau,AKM00:03:49DNF or results N/A per mileScott May
6Aaron MorrisonJuneau,AKM00:03:52DNF or results N/A per mileAaron Morrison
7Scott WattsAuke Bay,AKM00:04:03DNF or results N/A per mileScott Watts
8Daren BootonJuneau,AKM00:04:10DNF or results N/A per mileDaren Booton
9Jeff TillinghastJuneau,AKM00:04:12DNF or results N/A per mileJeff Tillinghast
10Nathanael HowardJuneau,AKM00:04:16DNF or results N/A per mileNathanael Howard
11Brian SmithJuneau,AKM00:04:20DNF or results N/A per mileBrian Smith
12Dan RobinsonJuneau,AKM00:04:25DNF or results N/A per mileDan Robinson
13Steve ParkerJuneau,AKM00:04:27DNF or results N/A per mileSteve Parker
14Kevin HansenJuneau,AKM00:04:32DNF or results N/A per mileKevin Hansen
15Derec SteinmanJuneau,AKM00:05:03DNF or results N/A per mileDerec Steinman
16Mark NeidholdJuneau,AKM00:05:09DNF or results N/A per mileMark Neidhold
17David TallmonJuneau,AKM00:05:13DNF or results N/A per mileDavid Tallmon
18Andrew BomanJuneau,AKM00:05:17DNF or results N/A per mileAndrew Boman
19Scott GendeJuneau,AKM00:05:29DNF or results N/A per mileScott Gende
20Branden CullumJuneau,AKM00:05:33DNF or results N/A per mileBranden Cullum
21Rick SlaterJuneau,AKM00:05:41DNF or results N/A per mileRick Slater
22Ryan StephensJuneau,AKM00:05:48DNF or results N/A per mileRyan Stephens
23Jim GrammelJuneau,AKM00:06:00DNF or results N/A per mileJim Grammel
24Jim CalvinJuneau,AKM00:06:07DNF or results N/A per mileJim Calvin
25David MitchellJuneau,AKM00:06:13DNF or results N/A per mileDavid Mitchell
26Richard KoehrsenJuneau,AKM00:06:48DNF or results N/A per mileRichard Koehrsen
27Quinn ZahaskyJuneau,AKM00:07:10DNF or results N/A per mileQuinn Zahasky


# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Susan YorkJuneau,AKF00:03:45DNR or resultsN/A per mileSusan York
2April RezendesDouglas,AKF00:03:56DNR or resultsN/A per mileApril Rezendes
2 (TIE!) Jamie BursellJuneau,AKF00:03:56DNR or resultsN/A per mileJamie Bursell
4Jennifer WatsonJuneau,AKF00:04:15DNR or resultsN/A per mileJennifer Watson
5Weather PotdevinJuneau,AKF00:04:33DNR or resultsN/A per mileWeather Potdevin
6Annie AlbrechtJuneau,AKF00:04:39DNR or resultsN/A per mileAnnie Albrecht
7Tyra Smith-MackinnonJuneau,AKF00:04:40DNR or resultsN/A per mileTyra Smith-MacKinnon
8Tracy MorrisonJuneau,AKF00:04:41DNR or resultsN/A per mileTracy Morrison
9Melanie WhiteJuneau,AKF00:04:56DNR or resultsN/A per mileMelanie White
10Brandee GerkeJuneau,AKF00:05:01DNR or resultsN/A per mileBrandee Gerke
11Kim RiveraJuneau,AKF00:05:11DNR or resultsN/A per mileKim Rivera
12Bethany CumminsJuneau,AKF00:05:31DNR or resultsN/A per mileBethany Cummins
13Kara HollatzJuneau,AKF00:05:33DNR or resultsN/A per mileKara Hollatz
14Jean ButlerJuneau,AKF00:05:51DNR or resultsN/A per mileJean Butler
15Sarah LeibyJuneau,AKF00:05:52DNR or resultsN/A per mileSarah Leiby
16Kristi Sell-GullufsenJuneau,AKF00:06:06DNR or resultsN/A per mileKristi Sell-Gullufsen
17Lucrecia MervineJuneau,AKF00:06:09DNR or resultsN/A per mileLucrecia Mervine
17 (TIE!) Sarah SjostedtJuneau,AKF00:06:09DNR or resultsN/A per mileSarah Sjostedt
19Naomi StaleyJuneau,AKF00:06:13DNR or resultsN/A per mileNaomi Staley
20Susan BellJuneau,AKF00:06:16DNR or resultsN/A per mileSusan Bell
21Susie ShuttsJuneau,AKF00:06:21DNR or resultsN/A per mileSusie Shutts
22Lisa KramerJuneau,AKF00:06:27DNR or resultsN/A per mileLisa Kramer
23Kathy KartchnerJuneau,AKF00:06:38DNR or resultsN/A per mileKathy Kartchner
24Stephanie KohlhaseJuneau,AKF00:06:49DNR or resultsN/A per mileStephanie Kohlhase
25Robin GilcristJuneau,AKF00:07:02DNR or resultsN/A per mileRobin Gilcrist
26Beverly LeveneJuneau,AKF00:07:07DNR or resultsN/A per mileBeverly Levene
27Charlee GribbonJuneau,AKF00:07:24DNR or resultsN/A per mileCharlee Gribbon
28Shutney FrisbieJuneau,AKF00:07:37DNR or resultsN/A per mileShutney Frisbie
29Justine BishopJuneau,AKF00:07:39DNR or resultsN/A per mileJustine Bishop
30Ingrid DyeJuneau,AKF00:08:18DNR or resultsN/A per mileIngrid Dye
31Molly BriggsJuneau,AKF00:10:52DNR or resultsN/A per mileMolly Briggs

Event Relay Team Results Here

#Team NameTot. Time# of Runners Tot. Distance
1 John Bursell 1:06:08 5 24.75 km
2 Scott Watts 1:10:20 5 24.75 km
3 Jim Ustasiewski 1:11:40 5 24.75 km
4 Brian Smith 1:11:54 5 24.75 km
5 Scott May 1:12:48 5 24.75 km
6 Ali Arthur 1:13:03 5 24.75 km
7 Justin Dorn 1:13:31 5 24.75 km
8 Jeff Tillinghast 1:14:07 5 24.75 km
9 Nathanael Howard 1:15:14 5 24.75 km
10 Susan York 1:15:37 5 24.75 km
11 Aaron Morrison 1:16:29 5 24.75 km
12 April Rezendes 1:16:59 5 24.75 km
13 Kevin Hansen 1:17:36 5 24.75 km
14 Mark Neidhold 1:19:06 5 24.75 km
15 Jamie Bursell 1:19:37 5 24.75 km
16 Jennifer Watson 1:20:33 5 24.75 km
17 Weather Potdevin 1:20:58 5 24.75 km
18 Tracy Morrison 1:22:14 5 24.75 km
19 Dan Robinson 1:22:23 5 24.75 km
20 Scott Gende 1:22:29 5 24.75 km
21 Daren Booton 1:22:50 5 24.75 km
22 Rick Slater 1:24:25 5 24.75 km
23 Annie Albrecht 1:25:18 5 24.75 km
24 Melanie White 1:25:21 5 24.75 km
25 David Tallmon 1:25:44 5 24.75 km
26 Steve Parker 1:26:26 5 24.75 km
27 Jim Calvin 1:27:27 5 24.75 km
28 Brandee Gerke 1:27:27 5 24.75 km
29 Jim Grammel 1:27:53 5 24.75 km
30 Tyra Smith-MacKinnon 1:27:53 5 24.75 km
31 Ryan Stephens 1:29:11 5 24.75 km
32 Sarah Sjostedt 1:30:31 5 24.75 km
33 Kim Rivera 1:31:16 5 24.75 km
34 Jean Butler 1:34:26 5 24.75 km
35 Branden Cullum 1:35:12 5 24.75 km
36 Susie Shutts 1:36:09 5 24.75 km
37 Derec Steinman 1:36:25 5 24.75 km
38 Charlee Gribbon 1:36:26 5 24.75 km
39 Kara Hollatz 1:38:30 5 24.75 km
40 Naomi Staley 1:39:10 5 24.75 km
41 David Mitchell 1:39:35 5 24.75 km
42 Robin Gilcrist 1:39:45 5 24.75 km
43 Richard Koehrsen 1:40:19 5 24.75 km
44 Sarah Leiby 1:41:10 5 24.75 km
45 Susan Bell 1:41:45 5 24.75 km
46 Stephanie Kohlhase 1:42:36 5 24.75 km
47 Ingrid Dye 1:43:39 5 24.75 km
48 Kathy Kartchner 1:44:07 5 24.75 km
49 Quinn Zahasky 1:44:44 5 24.75 km
50 Lucrecia Mervine 1:46:45 5 24.75 km
51 Shutney Frisbie 1:48:09 5 24.75 km
52 Lisa Kramer 1:49:09 5 24.75 km
53 Andrew Boman 1:49:33 5 24.75 km
54 Beverly Levene 1:54:26 5 24.75 km
55 Kristi Sell-Gullufsen 1:55:40 5 24.75 km
56 Bethany Cummins 1:58:29 5 24.75 km
57 Justine Bishop 2:00:39 5 24.75 km
58 Molly Briggs 2:30:48 5 24.75 km