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Race Results for Aukeman Sprint Triathlon 2019 concerning T1

Profile of Race or Leg
Event Name Aukeman Sprint Triathlon 2019
Race Name T1
Event Location Aukelake
Event Description 750 Meter Swim, 19K Bike, 5K Run, now with Olympic Distance as well
Event Director Liz Johnston
Relay / Team Event? yes
Event Date 2019-08-03 07:30:00
Race Distance0.00 km or
0.00 miles
Race Blurb
Top Performances

Global Results

# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Kara HollatzJuneau,AKF00:03:35N/A per mileKara Hollatz
2Kimberly CampbellJuneau,AKF00:03:40N/A per mileKimberly Campbell
2 (TIE!) April RezendesDouglas,AKF00:03:40N/A per mileApril Rezendes
4Charles WatersJuneau,AKM00:04:02N/A per mileCharles Waters
5Jaydin DufraneJuneau,AKM00:04:04N/A per mileJaydin Dufrane
6Annie AlbrechtJuneau,AKF00:04:05N/A per mileannie albrecht
7Kenny FoxJuneau,AKM00:04:16N/A per mileKenny Fox
8Jeff SauerJuneau,AKM00:04:19N/A per mileJeff Sauer
9Josh DeanJuneau,AKM00:04:24N/A per mileJosh Dean
10Corinne BullickJuneau,AKF00:04:34N/A per mileCorinne Bullick
11Kathy KartchnerJuneau,AKF00:04:35N/A per milekathy kartchner
12Richard ForstJuneau,AKM00:04:37N/A per milerichard forst
13Emily FerryJuneau,AKF00:04:39N/A per mileEmily Ferry
13 (TIE!) dulcey Little-StellJuneau,AKF00:04:39N/A per miledulcey Little-Stell
15Raymond MatishowskiJuneau,AKM00:04:40N/A per mileRaymond Matishowski
16Jim GrammelJuneau,AKM00:04:43N/A per mileJim Grammel
17Jennifer WatsonJuneau,AKF00:04:46N/A per mileJennifer Watson
18Selma MatiashowskiJuneau,AKF00:05:02N/A per mileSelma Matiashowski
19Cathy TideJuneau,AKF00:05:03N/A per mileCathy Tide
20Gary LederJuneau,AKM00:05:05N/A per mileGary Leder
21Greg LockwoodJuneau,AKM00:05:08N/A per mileGreg Lockwood
22Ron FlintJuneau,AKM00:05:09N/A per mileRon Flint
23Scott MayJuneau,AKM00:05:12N/A per mileScott May
24Britt TonnessenJuneau,AKF00:05:18N/A per mileBritt Tonnessen
25Meredith GillmanJuneau,AKF00:05:22N/A per mileMeredith Gillman
26Brandi TolsmaJuneau,AKF00:05:32N/A per mileBrandi Tolsma
27Jim CalvinJuneau,AKM00:05:36N/A per mileJim Calvin
28Terri CalvinJuneau,AKF00:05:43N/A per mileTerri Calvin
29Theresa SvancaraJuneau,AKF00:05:48N/A per mileTheresa Svancara
30Patrick McGarryJuneau,AKM00:05:51N/A per milePatrick McGarry
31Maggie PorterJuneau,AKF00:05:53N/A per mileMaggie Porter
32Laura ZahaskyJuneau,AKF00:06:08N/A per mileLaura Zahasky
33Molly McCormickJuneau,AKF00:06:09N/A per mileMolly McCormick
34Katie KowalchukJuneau,AKF00:06:10N/A per mileKatie Kowalchuk
34 (TIE!) Jean ButlerJuneau,AKF00:06:10N/A per mileJean Butler
36Noah LosebyJuneau,AKM00:06:13N/A per mileNoah Loseby
37Noatak PostJuneau,AKM00:06:16N/A per mileNoatak Post
38Jennifer BurmanJuneau,AKF00:06:23N/A per mileJennifer Burman
39Auri ClarkJuneau,AKF00:06:24N/A per mileAuri Clark
40Zack WrzeszczJuneau,AKM00:06:37N/A per mileZack Wrzeszcz
41Nellie MetcalfeJuneau,AKF00:06:45N/A per mileNellie Metcalfe
42Quinn ZahaskyJuneau,AKM00:06:49N/A per mileQuinn Zahasky
43Brian McGuireJuneau,AKM00:06:54N/A per mileBrian McGuire
44Eric OkminJuneau,AKM00:07:06N/A per mileEric Okmin
45Sean EaganJuneau,AKM00:08:51N/A per mileSean Eagan
46Michael LockettJuneau,AKM00:09:19N/A per mileMichael Lockett
47Kenneth HogansonJuneau,AKM00:10:08N/A per mileKenneth Hoganson
48Elana HabibJuneau,AKF00:10:35N/A per mileElana Habib
49Becky MonagleJuneau,AKF00:11:13N/A per mileBecky Monagle
50Brandal GoetzJuneau,AKM00:12:49N/A per mileBrandal Goetz

Male Results

# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Charles WatersJuneau,AKM00:04:02DNF or results N/A per mileCharles Waters
2Jaydin DufraneJuneau,AKM00:04:04DNF or results N/A per mileJaydin Dufrane
3Kenny FoxJuneau,AKM00:04:16DNF or results N/A per mileKenny Fox
4Jeff SauerJuneau,AKM00:04:19DNF or results N/A per mileJeff Sauer
5Josh DeanJuneau,AKM00:04:24DNF or results N/A per mileJosh Dean
6Richard ForstJuneau,AKM00:04:37DNF or results N/A per milerichard forst
7Raymond MatishowskiJuneau,AKM00:04:40DNF or results N/A per mileRaymond Matishowski
8Jim GrammelJuneau,AKM00:04:43DNF or results N/A per mileJim Grammel
9Gary LederJuneau,AKM00:05:05DNF or results N/A per mileGary Leder
10Greg LockwoodJuneau,AKM00:05:08DNF or results N/A per mileGreg Lockwood
11Ron FlintJuneau,AKM00:05:09DNF or results N/A per mileRon Flint
12Scott MayJuneau,AKM00:05:12DNF or results N/A per mileScott May
13Jim CalvinJuneau,AKM00:05:36DNF or results N/A per mileJim Calvin
14Patrick McGarryJuneau,AKM00:05:51DNF or results N/A per milePatrick McGarry
15Noah LosebyJuneau,AKM00:06:13DNF or results N/A per mileNoah Loseby
16Noatak PostJuneau,AKM00:06:16DNF or results N/A per mileNoatak Post
17Zack WrzeszczJuneau,AKM00:06:37DNF or results N/A per mileZack Wrzeszcz
18Quinn ZahaskyJuneau,AKM00:06:49DNF or results N/A per mileQuinn Zahasky
19Brian McGuireJuneau,AKM00:06:54DNF or results N/A per mileBrian McGuire
20Eric OkminJuneau,AKM00:07:06DNF or results N/A per mileEric Okmin
21Sean EaganJuneau,AKM00:08:51DNF or results N/A per mileSean Eagan
22Michael LockettJuneau,AKM00:09:19DNF or results N/A per mileMichael Lockett
23Kenneth HogansonJuneau,AKM00:10:08DNF or results N/A per mileKenneth Hoganson
24Brandal GoetzJuneau,AKM00:12:49DNF or results N/A per mileBrandal Goetz


# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Kara HollatzJuneau,AKF00:03:35DNR or resultsN/A per mileKara Hollatz
2Kimberly CampbellJuneau,AKF00:03:40DNR or resultsN/A per mileKimberly Campbell
2 (TIE!) April RezendesDouglas,AKF00:03:40DNR or resultsN/A per mileApril Rezendes
4Annie AlbrechtJuneau,AKF00:04:05DNR or resultsN/A per mileannie albrecht
5Corinne BullickJuneau,AKF00:04:34DNR or resultsN/A per mileCorinne Bullick
6Kathy KartchnerJuneau,AKF00:04:35DNR or resultsN/A per milekathy kartchner
7Emily FerryJuneau,AKF00:04:39DNR or resultsN/A per mileEmily Ferry
7 (TIE!) dulcey Little-StellJuneau,AKF00:04:39DNR or resultsN/A per miledulcey Little-Stell
9Jennifer WatsonJuneau,AKF00:04:46DNR or resultsN/A per mileJennifer Watson
10Selma MatiashowskiJuneau,AKF00:05:02DNR or resultsN/A per mileSelma Matiashowski
11Cathy TideJuneau,AKF00:05:03DNR or resultsN/A per mileCathy Tide
12Britt TonnessenJuneau,AKF00:05:18DNR or resultsN/A per mileBritt Tonnessen
13Meredith GillmanJuneau,AKF00:05:22DNR or resultsN/A per mileMeredith Gillman
14Brandi TolsmaJuneau,AKF00:05:32DNR or resultsN/A per mileBrandi Tolsma
15Terri CalvinJuneau,AKF00:05:43DNR or resultsN/A per mileTerri Calvin
16Theresa SvancaraJuneau,AKF00:05:48DNR or resultsN/A per mileTheresa Svancara
17Maggie PorterJuneau,AKF00:05:53DNR or resultsN/A per mileMaggie Porter
18Laura ZahaskyJuneau,AKF00:06:08DNR or resultsN/A per mileLaura Zahasky
19Molly McCormickJuneau,AKF00:06:09DNR or resultsN/A per mileMolly McCormick
20Katie KowalchukJuneau,AKF00:06:10DNR or resultsN/A per mileKatie Kowalchuk
20 (TIE!) Jean ButlerJuneau,AKF00:06:10DNR or resultsN/A per mileJean Butler
22Jennifer BurmanJuneau,AKF00:06:23DNR or resultsN/A per mileJennifer Burman
23Auri ClarkJuneau,AKF00:06:24DNR or resultsN/A per mileAuri Clark
24Nellie MetcalfeJuneau,AKF00:06:45DNR or resultsN/A per mileNellie Metcalfe
25Elana HabibJuneau,AKF00:10:35DNR or resultsN/A per mileElana Habib
26Becky MonagleJuneau,AKF00:11:13DNR or resultsN/A per mileBecky Monagle

Event Relay Team Results Here

#Team NameTot. Time# of Runners Tot. Distance
1 Charles Waters 2:27:30 7 24.75 km
2 Kenny Fox 2:30:22 7 24.75 km
3 April Rezendes 2:37:26 7 24.75 km
4 Josh Dean 2:39:16 7 24.75 km
5 richard forst 2:42:38 7 24.75 km
6 Kara Hollatz 2:43:16 7 24.75 km
7 Kimberly Campbell 2:43:48 7 24.75 km
8 Brian McGuire 2:45:48 7 24.75 km
9 Raymond Matishowski 2:48:36 7 24.75 km
10 annie albrecht 2:49:18 7 24.75 km
11 Jim Grammel 2:51:10 7 24.75 km
12 Ron Flint 2:51:38 7 24.75 km
13 Jim Calvin 2:52:44 7 24.75 km
14 Jeff Sauer 2:54:28 7 24.75 km
15 Emily Ferry 2:56:14 7 24.75 km
16 Meredith Gillman 2:57:28 7 24.75 km
17 Noatak Post 2:58:02 7 24.75 km
18 Gary Leder 2:58:08 7 24.75 km
19 Britt Tonnessen 2:59:20 7 24.75 km
20 Jennifer Watson 2:59:22 7 24.75 km
21 Auri Clark 2:59:24 7 24.75 km
22 Patrick McGarry 3:00:12 7 24.75 km
23 Greg Lockwood 3:01:04 7 24.75 km
24 Nellie Metcalfe 3:03:14 7 24.75 km
25 Corinne Bullick 3:03:28 7 24.75 km
26 Cathy Tide 3:06:00 7 24.75 km
27 Scott May 3:07:04 7 24.75 km
28 Selma Matiashowski 3:08:10 7 24.75 km
29 Brandi Tolsma 3:08:10 7 24.75 km
30 Maggie Porter 3:10:46 7 24.75 km
31 Zack Wrzeszcz 3:13:00 7 24.75 km
32 Eric Okmin 3:15:10 7 24.75 km
33 Terri Calvin 3:15:58 7 24.75 km
34 dulcey Little-Stell 3:17:50 7 24.75 km
35 Jean Butler 3:19:48 7 24.75 km
36 Noah Loseby 3:26:06 7 24.75 km
37 kathy kartchner 3:28:38 7 24.75 km
38 Michael Lockett 3:29:00 7 24.75 km
39 Jaydin Dufrane 3:29:20 7 24.75 km
40 Jennifer Burman 3:31:42 7 24.75 km
41 Molly McCormick 3:38:14 7 24.75 km
42 Sean Eagan 3:39:22 7 24.75 km
43 Quinn Zahasky 3:43:46 7 24.75 km
44 Katie Kowalchuk 3:48:50 7 24.75 km
45 Laura Zahasky 3:50:28 7 24.75 km
46 Becky Monagle 3:57:42 7 24.75 km
47 Theresa Svancara 4:06:34 7 24.75 km
48 Elana Habib 4:12:24 7 24.75 km
49 Brandal Goetz 4:12:42 7 24.75 km
50 Kenneth Hoganson 5:35:12 7 24.75 km